Gift Voucher
for 12 people with all the gear & 100 paintballs per person

Paintballing Gift Voucher

for 12 people
with all the gear &
& 100 paintballs per person


Give an adrenaline-packed Christmas present, an epic adventure as a Birthday gift or surprise someone with an extreme tour de force: give them a TNEOPC paintball gift voucher.

Paintballing is brilliant fun. There aren't many sports that allow you to dress up in camouflage overalls and full head protection and then run around a forest doing army rolls (optional) and saving your team's lives. Nope - just paintballing!

Our vouchers are valid for a year from the date they were purchased and can be used at any time, subject to availabilty. We do need to have a minimum number of 12 players booked in to open on any given day.

If you would like to buy a voucher for paintballing with a different value, please give us a call on 01388 731 777 and we'll get it sorted out for you!

How will you send my Paintballing voucher?

We'll email across a PDF version of the voucher within 24 hours of your purchase so you've got something to give no matter what. We'll also send out a voucher pack (including a receipt for your records) through the post. If you'd like us to send the voucher straight to the person you're buying it for please let us know as soon as you've purchased is so that we don't send any price details!

Who is Paintballing for?

Paintballing is for everyone 11 or over. A responsible adult must stay on site (but not necessarily paintball) with parties of under 16-year-olds and all under 18s should bring along a parental consent form countersigned by their parent or guardian.

How long will the Paintballing session last?

Our full day sessions run from 9.30am till 2.30pm approx, morning sessions from 9.30am till 12.00pm, afternoon sessions from 12.30pm till about 3.00pm. Your voucher is valid for any of these sessions but lunch is only available for full day sessions.

Can I buy more paintballs on the day?

Of course! They'll be available for £5 per 100 on the day. If you'd like to purchase more paintballs as part of your voucher, please just give us a call on 01388 731 777.

Regarding Vouchers purchased from The North East Outdoor Pursuits Centre

1. Vouchers purchased from The North East Outdoor Pursuits Centre are valid for one year from the date of purchase and can be used at any time during that year subject to availability and suitable weather conditions.

2. The North East Outdoor Pursuits Centre cannot guarantee that your activity will take place on a particular date. We will try our very best to ensure that your activity takes place on a date of your choosing but our activities are dependent on suitable weather conditions to proceed safely. Please do not buy a voucher if you or your chosen recipient can only attend on a particular date or on a limited number of dates. Instead please book the activity with us by calling 01388 731 777. The North East Outdoor Pursuits Centre will not offer a refund on a voucher if we cannot offer a particular date or range of dates for an activity.

3. A physical voucher will be sent through the post to the buyer. However a pdf voucher can be provided instead and sent out to the buyer's email address.

4. The buyer has the right to cancel the voucher within 7 days of purchase and will receive a full refund once the physical voucher has been returned to The North East Outdoor Pursuits Centre in a saleable condition.

5. From the 8th day following the purchase of the voucher onwards the value of the voucher cannot be refunded by The North East Outdoor Pursuits Centre to the buyer or the voucher holder. The voucher cannot be exchanged for cash. Please make sure that you are sure about the purchase of the voucher before you make it.

6. Vouchers are transferrable between people and may be used by any person as long as the voucher is valid.

7. Vouchers are transferrable between activities and may be used against any activity provided by The North East Outdoor Pursuits Centre up to the voucher's orignal value. No refund will be given for any voucher used against an activity with a lower value.

8. By purchasing a voucher you are automatically agreeing to our terms and conditions.

On Booking Your Activity

1. In extreme circumstances we may have to cancel an activity giving less than 24 hours notice. This will be in cases of extreme weather or weather that may make the chosen activity unsafe. We will reschedule your activity for another date agreeable to the voucher holder.

2. If the voucher holder needs to reschedule their activity once it is booked they must give The North East Outdoor Pursuits Centre 24 hours notice of this decision by telephoning 01388 731 777 and leaving a message on the answerphone if a member of staff is unavailable to take the call.

3. Cancellation of an activity by the voucher holder WITHIN 24 hours of the time scheduled for the activity will render the voucher null and void. The voucher will no longer be valid to use in exchange for the relevant activity.